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EXTRAVOLT is the series of cable units of constant potential

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EXTRAVOLT is the series of cable units of constant potential. The high stability, low noise, possibility to select and easy substitute the cermet X-ray tube of necessary loading value and focal spot sizes make these units completely universal for the application both in the radiography and in the radioscopy.

The series consists of following commercial X-ray units:

EXTRAVOLT -160 / P640      (voltage 160kV      power 640W)
EXTRAVOLT -160 / P1600    (voltage 160kv      power 1.6 W)
EXTRAVOLT -160 / P640      (voltage 160kV      power 3 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -225 / P640      (voltage 225kV      power 640 W)
EXTRAVOLT -225 / P1600    (voltage 225kV      power 1.6 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -225 / P640      (voltage 225kV      power 3 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -320 / P2000      (voltage 320kV      power 2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -350 / P2000    (voltage 350kV      power 2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -350 / P4200      (voltage 350kV      power 4.2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -380 / P2000    (voltage 380kV      power 2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -420 / P2000    (voltage 420kV      power 2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -420 / P4200    (voltage 420kV     power 4.2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -450 / P2000    (voltage 450kV      power 2 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -450 / P4200    (voltage 450kV     power 4.2 kW)

By special order it is possible to produce following units:
EXTRAVOLT -350 / P6000      (voltage 350kVВ      power 6 kW)
EXTRAVOLT -450 / P6000    (voltage 450kV      power 6 kW)

– Constant voltage with isowatt mode
– Automatic control of power limit and tube characteristics
– High stability, accuracy and reproducibility of parameters
– High output dose
– 3-level program of automatic tube burn-in
– possibility to work with glass tubes
– Automatic discharge of high-voltage capacitors by prolongation of the incandescence after switching off high voltage
– Break in primary circuit of high voltage generator (US standard)
– Automatic process stabilization
– Rigid and reliable design
– Built-in system of self-diagnostics
– Convenient program listings
– Automatic definition of exposure

These high-stable units were developed for the joint use with cermet X-ray tubes of company Thales Electron Devices (France). The units are recommended for the application together with X-ray television detectors in complex systems of radioscopy and for the high quality radiography on the X-ray film or re-usable phosphorous plates.

Units are compatible with large range of cermet and glass X-ray tubes from different producers. We recommend using cermet X-ray tubes of company Thales Electron Devices (France), which full list is given in section metal-ceramic tube. All units of series EXTRAVOLT have two incandescent transformers and allow using two-focus X-ray tubes.

The set of one-pole units consists of cathode high-voltage generator, cermet X-ray tube, high-voltage cable, digital control desk and cooling system of X-ray tube. Two-pole units are additionally equipped with anode high-voltage generator. The high-voltage generator is designed as one package, integrating the power unit, high-voltage transformer and multiplier. High-voltage part of generator is put into oil. The voltage converter operates at the high frequency (about 80 kHz), which provides the high efficiency and big depth of scanning. The unique particularity of the generator consists in the possibility to use both cermet and glass tubes. This allows the reduction in the price of the unit, completed with glass tube (not expensive alternative to obsolete units РАП-150).

The digital control desk has flash memory, so it can store in memory the big quantity of user’s programs and working protocols. The control desk is equipped with color monitor for the control and indication of working modes. The operator calls all parameters through the program number. Every program has own parameters of voltage, amperage, exposure time and focus size. The possibility of entering wrong date is minimized. The program listings could be structured in form of tree; every program could be provided with description that allows the quick selection of necessary scanning mode. The number of programs is not limited. When the unit is off, working parameters are stored and automatically called at the restart. The communication with personal computer is maintained which allows the management of all scanning parameters using software of X-ray television systems of FILIN series.

During the exposure the integrated system of control and diagnostics follows up more than 20 parameters, which guarantees the high stability and reproducibility together with high output power and low pulsations. The real time watch integrated allows following the time intervals between the exposures and carrying out the automatic tube burn-in which prolongs the service life of X-ray tube.
High voltage cables (UK production) have standard connectors R24/R28/R30. The standard length makes up 7 m. It is possible to supply cable of practically any length.

The X-ray tube in one-pole units is cooled by water or antifreeze, circulating in the closed loop.  In two-pole units the high-voltage oil is used for the cooling. The temperature of cooling liquid and the flow velocity are under permanent control which ensures the constant protection of X-ray tube. When the unit is off the cooling system continues to operate automatically within certain time period which allows the prevention of sharp temperature drop and prolongs the service life of X-ray tube.

The unit is provided with security system, signaling blinking lamp and button of emergency stop with protection against casual restart.
All parts of the unit are protected against splashes. The high-voltage generator and the power block meet the specification of IP54.

The TESTRON products are produced according to the strong safety and quality requirements. The quality system of TESTRON is certified by ISO 9001.
Some additional accessories could be purchased for these units:
– tube holder
– laser for the beam alignment
– set of diagrams for the beam confinement
– signaling flash-lamp
– blinking lamp on the room door
– cable for interlocks with door contacts
– closed cooling system
– automatic lifting support
– additional monitor for control desk

To get more detailed information address to technical specialists of our company.

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